Rolls-Royce’s plane reaches a maximum speed of 387 mph, making it the world’s fastest electric vehicle

This month, Rolls-Royce brought all-electric ‘Spirit of Innovation’ plane on a test flight, setting what is believed to be the world’s fastest electric-fueled vehicle. The business claims to have submitted 3 new world record attempts to World Air Sports Federation for verification. On 16th November, the plane clocked a high speed of exactly 345.4 mph over a distance of 3 kilometers, which is a 15-kilometer average of exactly 330 miles for each hour, and the quickest climb to 3000 meters within a timeframe of 202 seconds. The existing record was completely erased by each of these claimed documents.

The Spirit of Innovation reached a maximum speed of exactly 387.4 miles an hour while attempting to break these records. In October 2021, the Team Vesco/Revolt Little Giant achieved a land speed record for the electric vehicles in Bonneville, with a speed of 353.87 mph. It’s completely insane that a vehicle on salt can go almost as quick as the world’s fastest electric plane. Planes should be faster since they have minimal friction to contend with and can travel at higher elevations where the air is thin.

Let’s hope this is only the start of electric plane development since it would be exciting to see a future where one can fly on a plane that doesn’t emit carbon dioxide. Even if it’s simply local trips for the time being, as it’d be difficult to have enough energy on board for a trans-Atlantic, I’d be ecstatic.

“Staking the claim for an all-electric global-speed record is a tremendous achievement for the Rolls-Royce and ACCEL team,” said Warren East, CEO of Rolls-Royce. I’d want to express my gratitude to our partners, particularly Electroflight, for their contributions to this ground-breaking achievement. This program’s breakthrough battery and propulsion technology have fascinating possibilities in the Advanced Air Mobility sector. Following the global attention on the necessity for change at the COP26 Summit, this is another landmark that will contribute to making ‘jet zero’ an actuality and support our objectives to provide the technology advances society requires to decarbonize air, land, and marine transportation.”

To achieve this feat, Rolls-Royce collaborated with YASA, an automotive powertrain provider, and Electroflight, an EV plane specialist. This concept is powered by a 500-horsepower engine with “the most power-concentrated propulsion battery pack ever developed in aerospace,” according to the manufacturer. If the advancement humanity has made on electric vehicles during the preceding decade is any indicator, this is only the beginning. 

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