Xiaomi Will Return Money To Everyone Who Bought It’s First Phone

The Chinese company Xiaomi has celebrated its tenth anniversary in style and the departure of its new terminal, the Mix 4 . With a strong announcement, the company has communicated that all customers who once bought the first phone to hit the market, the Mi 1 , will now be able to claim its amount valued at about 300 euros .

In just ten years of life, Xiaomi has confirmed itself as one of the leading companies in the telephony sector . Above, even such well-known brands as Samsung or Huawei, with as much presence in China as Xiaomi itself, this company wanted to celebrate its first decade with a gift for its most loyal customers.

Up to 300 euros could be returned to all those users who in 2012 decided to buy the Xiaomi Mi 1. Which was the first terminal of the Asian firm and a boost for what has come later.

Of course, to qualify for such a succulent prize, customers will have to prove that the purchase was in the official store and not with a buyback online or in the second-hand market. To do this, it is enough to show the demonstration that at that time they reserved the Mi 1 and then pay for it in the Xiaomi stores.

The evolution of the market has doubled the price with which the Mi 1 would now go on sale
A mobile that in 2011 was considered high-end , Xiaomi wanted to enter the telephony market in style and was valued at around 300 euros. A ridiculous price ten years later, since the evolution of the sector has led to high-end devices reaching up to 700 euros.

In addition, this income will be a clear nod towards continuing to bet on the company. And it is that the refund of that last amount will not arrive in physical format, if not virtual with a check to spend on Xiaomi products .

That is to say, around 300 euros to be able to invest in the company’s new mobiles, its tablets, wireless headphones or the infinity of products that it has that most likely will end up in the Chinese market. Since the Mi 1 was only sold nationally at the beginning , everything suggests that the lucky ones in this strategy are all in China.

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