Next Months Of Spanish Real Estate Sector According To The Agencies

There will be more purchase and sale operations , the market will maintain its current dynamism and the available housing supply will hardly change. This is how the real estate agencies grouped in FAI (National Federation of Real Estate Associations) draw the next months of activity in the sector.

Specifically, the latest barometer of the Federation reveals that 62.82% of real estate agents predict an increase in sales in the second half of the year , compared to 18.42% who believe they will be similar, and another 18.72 % that bets that sales will be lower.

Regarding the global functioning of the market, most agencies take it for granted that the dynamics will be positive in the second part of the year , in line with the analysis made by other players in the sector. In this case, 37.43% of those surveyed expect the situation to improve, 40.94% believe that the situation will be similar, 11.11% anticipate that it will be worse, and a minority of 10.53% see risk deceleration.

The study also delves into the offer of housing for sale available in the market. Professionals predict that the numbers will remain at the same level as today . This is confirmed by 54% of those surveyed, compared to 45.32% who bet that the opposite will happen. In the same way, 53.80% do not foresee that the time to sell a property will increase, compared to 46.20% who indicate that it does.

“The real estate market shows robustness and the sector becomes key to economic recovery , after a year and a half marked by the pandemic.

In addition, an upward trend is observed within reasonable parameters and therefore far from a new bubble real estate, since we are talking about a sector in which both buyer and seller are more mature and cautious when making decisions to buy or sell, as well as more attentive to short-term economic uncertainties, which may cause downward tensions in the prices “, explains José María Alfaro, general coordinator of FAI.

The expert recalls that the market does not behave in the same way in all areas, and that the increase or decrease in operations is subject to different factors. For example, the location of homes, job development opportunities and the availability of open spaces or terraces .

The first part of the year
Regarding the current situation, the study indicates that 65% of the agencies have increased sales operations by 18% during the first half of the year compared to the same period of 2019. The greatest increase has occurred in homes second-hand habitual residence , according to 67% of those surveyed, followed by second-hand homes , for 31% of the agents and the habitual residence of new construction , to 21%.

What is the reason for this improvement? The experts blame it on the decisions to change the type of house, the effect of retained demand entry as a result of the Covid; -19, and the good conditions of access to financing. To this must be added the increase in profitability offered by rental homes and the low supply inventory available in certain areas .

On the other hand, 35% of real estate agencies say that sales transactions have decreased in the first part of the year with decreases that in some cases reach an average of 19.5%. In this case, the adjustment is explained by the cooling of the economy , the shortage of housing supply, the demands to access real estate credit, the lack of assistance to buyers or the strength of the rental option compared to the purchase.

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