Only One In Three Early Retirements In Spain Corresponds To Women

A maxim that is reproduced from the inequalities between men and women latent in the labor market is its subsequent reflection at the time of retirement. Thus, if the wage gap is around 27%, the difference between men’s and women’s pensions also rises to 30%.

In general terms, these figures already show how the difficulties of women to complete the job career of men to the same extent and amount, also has a severe impact on the level of early retirements. Specifically, only 29.7% of withdrawals prior to the legal retirement age corresponded to women in 2020, so that seven out of ten premature exits from the labor market are caused by men.

“There is a strong gender bias, since early retirements clearly correspond to men in the majority ,” says the Government in a report on the state of early retirement in Spain to which theEconomista has had access . The Executive points out in this sense that, for every seven men who retire early through any of its modalities, only three women do so; with the exception of special retirement retirement at age 64 in which there are more women than men.

“Although it should not be surprising that a lower percentage of women than men go into retirement given that the participation of women in the labor market is lower, the truth is that the proportion of women who retire early is lower of the female average in all forms of retirement and, especially, well below those that retire at ordinary age: 39.4% in 2020 “, warns the official report.

Higher amounts
With regard to the average pension, the gender gap reaches 6.2% within early retirements, a much lower percentage than in all pensions; specifically, it is 22 percentage points lower than those reached in pensions at ordinary age. In any case, there are also differences between the different forms of early retirement.

Thus, in the case of the voluntary, there is no gender gap, since the average pension for women is higher than that of men, up to 11.3% more – this benefit reaching 1,721 euros per month against the 1,545 euros received. by men in this same retirement situation. And, on the contrary, the gender gap in involuntary retirement amounts to 18% -the average benefit in this case being 1,566 euros per month for women compared to 1,690 euros per month for men-.

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