Felisuco Criticizes The Government For The Electricity Rate

Although many knew him decades ago doing humor in programs such as El informal or accompanying Emma García in A tu lado , the professional career of Félix Álvarez, known as Felisuco , took a turn years ago when he signed for Ciudadanos .

The comedian, now a politician, has shown his interest in current affairs and, like many, has also shown his outrage about the price of electricity .

For this reason, the Citizen Spokesperson in the Parliament of Cantabria has shown his disagreement by criticizing the Government through Twitter, but he has done so with a tweet that has provoked criticism from many tweeters .

” If I tattoo the price of a kilowatt on my buttock, will the Government make me a home? ” He wrote this Thursday. His publication refers to Malasaña’s homophobic aggression, which was later confirmed to have been a false complaint , in which a 20-year-old was written “Maricón” on his ass .

After the multiple messages against growing homophobia , when it became known that it was a false complaint, many downplayed the homophobic attacks, which continue to increase with alarming figures. For this reason, Felisuco’s criticism made reference to the fact that a word ‘tattooed’ on the buttock could make the Government pay more attention .

Many users were quick to criticize his publication, pointing out the comedian for having “little respect” towards “people who have been attacked for being LGTBI . ” “The trivialization of the fight against homophobia makes you an accomplice of it,” wrote a tweeter.

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