Cards Slip may have their days numbered in Brazil

The gates are already open for the first day of the Enem test National High School Exam Candidates have until 100 pm Brasília time to access the exam site The application starts at 130 pm across the country

All participants must as safety measures against Covid19 wear a mask covering the nose and mouth while at the test site and maintain a distance of 15m to avoid crowding

The gates will close promptly at 1pm The test starts at 130 pm throughout Brazil and will last for 530 am for candidates to answer 90 language and human science questions and write an essay In this edition the theme will be the same for both printed and digital Enem and in both modalities the text must be handwritten Therefore it is mandatory to bring a black ink ballpoint pen made of transparent material

From 630 pm onwards participants will be able to leave the test site with the notebook of questions and the test will end at 1900 Next Sunday 28 candidates will have until 630 pm to answer 90 questions 45 in mathematics and 45 in natural sciences chemistry physics and biology.

All participants must wear a mask covering the nose and mouth Inep recommends that the candidate take a reserve mask for any eventuality It is worth taking alcohol in gel and keeping a minimum distance of 15m as a way to prevent Covid19 Students who show symptoms of Covid or any illness described in the notice must not go to the test site Inep advises the candidate to request the reapplication of the exam via the Participants Page.

The Enem organization only accepts black ink ballpoint pen made of transparent material The tip is to take at least two in case one fails when filling out the answer card No pencils erasers or cases.

On the day of the exams it is mandatory to bring an original and official document with a photo The following are accepted RG Identity Card CNH National Drivers License work card or passport for foreigners In case of loss or theft of any official document the participant must present proof that he requested the duplicate or the BO Incident Bulletin.

The participant cannot take any type of electronic equipment or watch The cell phone must be kept and turned off any sound signal will disqualify the candidate.

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