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Cacharel Parfums presented yesterday, September 9, a long-term collaboration with the international Inspiring Girls Foundation , with the aim of empowering young women between the ages of 6 and 16 to be ambitious in their professional choices, as well as giving them the necessary tools to succeed, explore paths freely, without self-censorship , to broaden their professional and personal horizons.

To support this initiative, the brand will launch a pilot series of four video insta-podcasts starring Ana Mena. The singer and actress thus becomes the ambassador in Spain and presenter of #SistasClub , a new format in which each episode will present women with inspiring careers, female models and experts who will help them answer all their doubts about their future career professional, as well as inspiring young women to show their full potential, have self-confidence and believe in their dreams.

The series will cover themes such as ambition, friendship, family and school, while highlighting the importance of empowering new generations to achieve their dreams through inspiring role models. Two episodes will be published each month through the video platforms IGTV and YouTube, as well as on the main podcast platforms in Spain.

” Too often, girls are self-limited when considering different career opportunities and are easily discouraged due to the lack of iconic role models that allow them to project into the future with confidence and success. Cacharel Parfums’ ambition with this association is to ensure for girls to realize their true potential by identifying with mentors and drawing strength from these role models. It was natural and right for the brand to encourage girls to follow their professional ambitions and become masters of their own future “, says Guillaume de Lesquen , Global President of Designer Brands Fragrances at L’Oréal.

The long-term goal of this global initiative is to train and encourage L’Oréal Group employees, as well as members of the #CacharelSistas brand’s influencer team , to participate as volunteers in the mentoring programs that will be offered at the schools , as well as in the different events of the brand.

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