A New Theory Related to Dark Matter Is Discovered

Like one thing out of a science-fiction thriller, a brand new concept proposes that black holes generate swirling clouds of planet-sized particles that may very well be the elusive dark matter thought to carry galaxies collectively, suggesting that the Standard Model, developed more significant than 30 years in the past, which efficiently describes phenomena from subatomic to galactic scales and have been experimentally examined to a precision of twelve decimals– is insufficient to account for everything physicists observe. Hopes that the invention of the Higgs can be adopted by hints of different particles that match the properties of dark matter have to date been dead ends.

These dark matter candidates, generally known as macros, would kind more massive particles some starting from planet-to-bullet sized. Whereas macros can be a lot rarer than weakly interacting large particles WIMPs, any collisions with abnormal matter could be violent, leaving an apparent hint.

A brand new research by Glenn Starkman and Jagjit Singh Sidhu, theoretical physicists at Case Western Reserve University, explores what these traces may appear to be if macros hit human beings. They suggest a shocking new sensor -one from the farside- human flesh the place this explicit dark matter particle (if it existed), would often kill people, passing utilizing them like a bullet. As a result of nobody has died from unexplained gunshot like wounds, this kind of darkish matter doesn’t exist, in response to a brand new research.

Nonetheless, there are different methods to detect this explicit sort of dark matter and researchers ought to preserve wanting, says Katherine Freese, a theoretical physicist on the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor who wasn’t concerned within the research however has studied the consequences of darkish matter on people.

On this pattern, scientists would anticipate seeing a handful of studies of unexplained deaths from invisible dark matter “bullets.” However there have been none, the researchers report this week on the preprint server arXiv. These deaths wouldn’t go unnoticed—they would depart victims useless or dying with a tubular wound where their flesh was vaporized.


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