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Ariana’s Song Put to Use by NASA- Learning Space

NASA is counting on a little bit of star energy to coach youth about space and promote its upcoming mission to the moon. Interns for the US area company remixed Ariana Grande’s “NASA,” and rewrote the lyrics to advertise NASA’s work.

“As we sit up for sending the first woman and the next man to the Moon by 2024 with our Artemis missions, interns working at NASA’s Johnson Space Center remixed Ariana Grande’s track ‘NASA’ to share their pleasure for deep house exploration,” the house company stated Sunday on Facebook.

Grande’s music is a fewwoman who wants some space from her boyfriend, and makes use of celestial imagery to make the purpose. She sings: “You don’t wanna leave me, butI’m tryna self-discover. Keep me in your orbit and you knowyou’ll drag me under.”

The interns switched the lyrics to: “ISS in orbit, oh the views will make you wonder. Back to lunar orbit there isstillmore to uncover.”

In line with NASA, the “instructional parody” is part of a volunteer outreach mission.

“The lyrics and scenes within the video have been re-imagined in an effort to inform the general public concerning the wonderful work happening at NASA and the Johnson Space Center,” NASA stated on YouTube.

“By means of the company’s Artemis lunar exploration program, we are going to use modern new applied sciences and techniques to discover extra of the Moon than ever earlier than,” the company added.

Artemis, named after Apollo’s twin sister in Greek mythology, will contain the Orion spacecraft, the Gateway, and the Space Launch System rocket, generally known as SLS. One of many key options of this system is sustainable space exploration with reusable spacecraft and structure, which might later take people to Mars.


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