Asbestos Town Is Planning to Get a New Name

The small Canadian city of Asbestos has determined it’s time for a rebrand – and which means it’s casting off the identify derived from its mining heritage. The Quebec City, dwelling to some 7,000 individuals, was as soon as the placement of the world’s largest asbestos mine.

It was given after English title for the mineral – relatively than the French “laminate” – within the late 19th century. The city’s council now says the connotation hinders its capability to draw overseas funding.

The mine suspended operations in 2011. A year later, the Quebec authorities canceled a multi-million-dollar mortgage assure that will have allowed it to reopen. Now, after years of debate, Asbestos has determined to dispose of part of its legacy.

On Wednesday, the council stated it was shifting forward with the title change, saying it was serving as “brake on town’s need to develop financial relations overseas.” The city will seek the advice of residents in terms of selecting a brand new title, saying the area’s historical past and heritage can be taken into consideration.

As soon as thought-about a miracle mineral, asbestos was utilized in development industries for strengthening cement, in insulation, roofing, fireproofing, and sound absorption. By the mid-20th century, considerations about its use had been rising as increasing research linked asbestos to lethal diseases.

Breathing asbestos fibers has been linked to cancer and different ailments. Global demand for the product plummeted as nations all over the world started banning it. Canada was a latecomer, solely banning its manufacture, import, use, and export last year.


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