Billionaires Are Keenly Interested in Spending Money for Fighting Climate Change

Whether or not you believe in it or not, billionaire philanthropy exists. And if it’s going to maintain current, then we’d most likely do nicely to determine how donors’ assets can most successfully sort out our world’s largest issues.

Some megadonors are already making an attempt to assist us in averting the climate disaster. Michael Bloomberg, the previous New York City mayor, and Tom Steyer, the environmental philanthropist turned presidential candidate, have every donated million to the trigger. So have the main foundations just like the William and Flora Hewlett Basis. In line with the Open Philanthropy Project, “general American philanthropic funding for climate change actions seems to be on the order of a number of hundred million dollars per year.”

We needed to get a variety of views, from the acquainted to some on the margins of the dialog. I acquired an unbelievable array of responses. Some specialists are satisfied that nuclear energy is the answer; others are satisfied that’s too harmful. The identical goes for solar geoengineering, a controversial concept that includes injecting aerosols into the excessive ambiance to replicate daylight again into the house and make for a cooler planet.

Different consultants have extra out-of-the-field concepts. One proposes making his dwelling state, Kansas, right into a poster little one for wind-generated electrical energy. One other suggests constructing a nuclear reactor in her personal yard.

Nonetheless, others say it’s handiest to focus their billions, not on the applied sciences that would mitigate world warming; however, on the social and political situations that might allow these applied sciences to take root: Construct a zeitgeist-altering local weather motion. Educate ladies and empower women. Prioritize those that are most susceptible to climate change, like indigenous communities and folks of shade. Get Democrats elected to Congress — and to the presidency.

The consultants didn’t arrive at something like a consensus; however, their inventive concepts can assist us in supposing by our choices. Their responses, edited for readability and size, are under.


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