Greenbyte will help the UK’s National Energy to optimize its growing renewables portfolio

National Energy, a clean energy multinational based in the United Kingdom, has formed a partnership with software company Power Factors for the delivery and utilization of its digital platform for the management and monitoring of renewable energy assets. National Energy has established a goal of increasing its renewables portfolio from 91MW to 2GW within the next five years, from its current level of 91MW.

Following the implementation of Power Factors’ Greenbyte platform, according to a release, National Energy will be able to optimize the performance of its solar and wind assets, as well as the maintenance of such assets. The asset operation data obtained from Greenbyte is going to be integrated with data on area weather conditions in order to estimate production and demand for the products.

For National Energy’s international team, Greenbyte will also serve as a single point of access to all key data, allowing for benchmarking and optimization of technical performance across a wide range of technologies and geographies. As the portfolio expands in size, this oversight capability will become increasingly important in enabling commercial decision-making and risk management.

National Energy anticipates that the partnership with Power Factors will assist the company in increasing its return on investments, increasing energy savings for the communities in which it operates, and driving the attainment of sustainability targets across North America And Europe.

An effective trial of Greenbyte on 3 wind farms and 1 solar PV plant possessed by National Energy in Greece resulted in the agreement between the two firms. “Building portfolio scale and durable impact is a crucial component of our mission to deliver social, environmental, and financial benefits as we become a leading participant in the global renewable energy sector,” said Jimmy Hansson, Chief Operating Officer of National Energy. As a result of Greenbyte, our asset management team will be able to take the technical concepts of best practice that have determined our operations in Greece too far and apply them on a worldwide scale.”

“Data-driven asset, as well as portfolio management strategies, are the new benchmark for renewable energy operators – especially arising investment platforms such as National Energy pursuing to punch above their weight and build significant scale,” continued Magnus Henriksson, who is the Chief Customer Officer at the Power Factors company. “National Energy has my full support as they realize growth prospects on account of their investors and play a proactive role in advancing the global energy transformation.”

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