Greenland Is Under Environmental Danger

Amid an ongoing warmth wave, new data show the Greenland ice sheet is in the midst of its greatest soften season in recorded history. It’s the most recent worrying sign climate change is accelerating far past the worst fears of even climate scientists.

The report-setting heatwave that sweltered northern Europe last week has moved north over the critically weak Greenland ice sheet, triggering temperatures this week which are as a lot as 25 to 30 levels Fahrenheit warmer than regular.

Climate fashions point out Tuesday’s temperature could have surpassed 75 levels Fahrenheit in some areas of Greenland, and a weather balloon launched close to the capital Nuuk measured all-time file heat simply above the surface. That warmth wave continues to be intensifying and is predicted to peak on Thursday with the biggest single-day melt ever recorded in Greenland. On August 1 alone, greater than 12 billion tons of water will completely soften away from the ice sheet and discover its approach all the way down to the ocean, irreversibly elevating sea ranges globally.

A tweet from the Danish Meteorological Institute, the official climate service of Greenland, stated “nearly all of the ice sheet, together with Summit” measurably melted on Tuesday. In accordance with a preliminary estimate, that softens covered 87% of the ice sheet’s surface, which might be the second-largest soften day in Greenland’s recorded historical past. Separate climate monitoring gear at Summit Camp on the prime of the 10,000-foot-thick Greenland ice sheet confirmed the temperature briefly reached the melting point.

Downhill, meltwater was seen dramatically streaming off the sting of the ice sheet in massive waterfalls. Climate scientist Irina Overeem, who positioned a meltwater monitoring station in western Greenland eight years in the past, recorded a dramatic video of a dashing torrent of water. In a remark posted on Twitter, she stated: “I’ve my fingers crossed for it not being washed away.” In an e-mail to Rolling Stone, Overeem described the character of life in Greenland nowadays: After recording that video, she noticed a warning of the foremost glacial water runoff on the announcement board of the primary grocery store within the capital metropolis. An identical glacial flood in 2012 was so intense it washed away bridge.


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