Greenland’s Ice Is Maybe Hiding a Dark River Beneath the Thick Sheets

Far beneath the frozen cover of the Greenland ice sheet sprawls miles of bedrock — and lengthening by means of that bedrock for near 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) is a valley which will include a subterranean river, transporting water from central Greenland to the northern coast.

Up to now, planes flying overhead had partially mapped a rocky, subsurface valley beneath the ice; however, their radar protection of the area left gaps, mentioned Christopher Chambers, a researcher at Hokkaido University in Sapporo, Japan.

To construct a clearer image of what lurks beneath Greenland’s surface, Chambers and his colleagues created simulations to discover the valley at completely different depths and mannequin how water would possibly melt from the surface of a glacier to the depths beneath — maybe making a flowing river, Chambers advised Live Science. He introduced their findings on Dec. 9, right here on the annual assembly of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

Radar maps confirmed that the valley ground was extremely level at depths of 980 ft and 1,640 toes (300 meters and 500 meters) under the surface, Chambers stated. That is extremely uncommon for a function that’s so lengthy, “and that in itself is sort of a potential smoking gun that this might be” a spot with energetic erosion or sediment deposition, equivalent to a river, he defined.

First, the researchers digitally modeled the valley and eliminated the blocks of lacking knowledge. As soon as they’d a steady, open valley, they put it in a Greenland simulation, and melting water from the glacier started to redistribute itself underground, flowing alongside the valley’s base. Within the simulations, the scientists additionally included an identified hotspot situated deep in Greenland’s inside, and so they discovered that the hotspot generated sufficient flowing water to journey alongside the valley all the way in which from Greenland’s middle to the northern coast.


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