Our Team


David Becker
- Chief Editor

Hi and welcome to Science Market News. I am David Becker, the chief editor of the website. I have never looked down on the people working here as employees; instead, they have always been a family and friends to me. Working with them has always been very exciting for me. In addition, I get my inspirations and encouragement from them. Most of them are from science background; hence, discussions are always very much logical and exciting. It will be a delight for me to introduce you to my team.

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Andrew Hodges
- Sub Editor

Andrew is working as the sub-editor here. He is one of the most potential people in this organization. He adores his work as much as he loves reading. He is from a non-science background, he knows, but that has never stopped him from knowing all the events and all thanks to his habit of reading. I tend to trust him because edited articles because they are always accurate; sometimes I sit and think about how he does it so perfectly.

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Clara Turner
- Contributing Author (Outer Space)

Clara is leading the column containing news about outer space. Her imaginations, backed up by logical reasoning, have always created exciting and interesting topics of debate and discussions. She is a double degree older in physics as well as chemistry, and hence this has deliberately enhanced and upgraded her skills to a sky-high level. Her achievements in the field of theories are undoubtedly incomparable.

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Carol Papadopoulos
- Contributing Author (Environment)

Carol is leading the column entitled to environment news. She is a very renowned environmentalist and has worked in many environmental projects and is also linked with many NGOs. She always encourages environment conservation and sometimes keeps small group talks concerning the recent degradations of ecology. Her writing and editing skills act like magic and can influence any mind who reads it.

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Jackie Payne
- Contributing Author (Physics)

Jackie is working as the lead of the physics column and just as his designation depicts her as a student of physics and a very knowledgeable person. He has a habit of reading lots and lots of books related to the topics he writes about. His articles relate to the themes that are being created in the field of physics. The best part about him is that he believes in manually searching out information for his articles, which makes them unique.

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Vivian Munson
- Contributing Author (Genetics)

Vivian is leading the genetics column. She is a biotechnology student and as well as a passionate writer. She chooses her words very carefully, focusing upon the theme of the article while writing so that they don’t sound boring or too creative. Her articles always bear the information that she wants.

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