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Our Universe and Quantum Computer Can Be Similar

Few physicists from Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU) in Russia not too long ago proposed a wholly new view of the cosmos. Their analysis takes the wacky idea that we’re dwelling in a computer simulation and mashes it up with the thoughts-boggling “many worlds” idea to say that, primarily, our total universe is a part of an immeasurably vast quantum system spanning “uncountable” multiverses.

When you consider quantum programs, like IBM and Google’s quantum computer systems, we often think about a tool that’s designed to work with subatomic particles – qubits – to carry out quantum calculations.

These computer systems might someday carry out superior calculations that classical computer systems in the present day can’t, however, for now, they’re helpful as a technique to analyze the gap between classical and quantum actuality.

Artyom Yurov and Valerian Yurov, the IKBFU researchers behind the aforementioned, examine, posit that everything within the universe, together with the universe itself, needs to be seen as a quantum object. This implies, to expertise “quantum actuality,” we don’t want to take a look at subatomic particles or qubits: we’re already there. Every little thing is quantum.

The paper mathematically describe how our whole universe is, itself, a quantum object. This implies, like a tiny subatomic particle, it reveals quantum properties that ought to embody superposition. Theoretically, our universe ought to be capable of being in multiple place or state at a time, and which means there merely should be one thing on the market for it to work together with — even when meaning it makes use of jaw-droppingly unintuitive quantum mechanics to work together with itself in a number of states concurrently.

The issue with increasing quantum mechanics to giant objects – like say, a single cell – is that different theoretical quantum options cease making as a lot of sense. In this case, “decoherence,” or how quantum objects “collapse” from a number of states into the physical state we see in our classical observations, doesn’t appear to cross muster on the cosmic scale.

However, the more Yurov and Yurov explored the “many interacting worlds” (MIW) principle that claims all quantum features manifest bodily in alternate realities (the cat is useless on one world, alive on one other, and dancing the Cha Cha on one other, etc.), the extra they realized it not solely is sensible, however the math and science appear to work out higher in the event you assume every little thing, the universe included, has quantum options.

Perhaps we do reside in a computer simulation in any case. However, as a substitute of being some superior creature’s favorite NPCs, we’re simply bits of math that assist the working system run.


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