Toxic Mercury Level in Fish Is Increasing

Mercury ranges within the seafood provide are on the rise, and climate change and overfishing are partially accountable, in response to a brand new examine. Scientists stated mercury levels within the oceans have fallen because the late Nineteen Nineties, however, ranges in fashionable fish resembling tuna, salmon, and swordfish are on the rise.

According to a new study by Harvard College researchers within the journal Nature, some fish are adapting to overfishing of small herring and sardines by altering their diets to eat species with increased mercury ranges.

Primarily based on 30 years of information, methylmercury concentrations in Atlantic cod elevated by as much as 23% between the Nineteen Seventies and the 2000s. It hyperlinks the rise to a weight-reduction plan change necessitated by overfishing.

However, overfishing is not the one contributor to larger mercury ranges in fish. Local weather change — and the rising ocean temperatures that include it — means fish are extra energetic and want extra meals to outlive. Consuming more prey means consuming extra mercury.

The examine additionally discovered that mercury ranges in Atlantic bluefin tuna have elevated by an estimated 56% on account of seawater temperature rise since 1969. Scientists stated human publicity to methylmercury — the compound created when mercury enters the ocean — is particularly dangerous for pregnant ladies because it has been linked to lengthy-time period neurological issues when fetuses are uncovered within the womb. It’s thought of serious public health concern by the World Health Organization.

For a reason that late 1990s, mercury concentrations have declined total following elevated laws and decreased coal-burning energy vegetation. In 2017, a global treaty was launched to scale back mercury emissions.

However, mercury ranges in fish haven’t fallen as anticipated. The treaty did not account for overfishing’s massive effects on marine ecosystems or climate change’s impact on the diets of fish. So, a lot of our present seafood provide really contains more mercury than earlier than.


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